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Just A Few Of The Products

That I Have Worked On


Hewlett Packard



Trimble Navigation



Lionhearth Technologies



Silicon Solutions








Hewlett Packard





HP CoolTown



Remote Elevator Monitoring System


HP 8450 and 8451

Digital Diode Array Spectrophotometers




Micro-titration Analysis Software



HP Design Aids

NMOS Multi-Project Chip Wafer



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TNL 2000 Approach

Aviation GPS for Instrument Approaches


Flightmate pro

First GPS Handheld for Aviation


GPS Map 110

Aviation Moving Map on Personal Digital Assistant



Locator 110

Integrated GPS for Personal Computing


10X Digital Loran

For Marine Navigation


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Internet Marketing and Sales



EagleEyes™: Stereo Camera

Body Motion Capture System


 Virtual Command Post

Created for US Army


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Mach 1000

Logic and Fault Simulation Engine





Bionix 300

Pulmonary Functions Tester


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