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Coolhome is an ongoing quest to add intelligence to our home via web controls.  From this page you can gain 'guest' access to the home web server, and view the web based home automation control pages.  The pages were designed for quick display on a handheld Jornada and thus, are somewhat simplistic.

First, check out the system summary and system diagram links to the left.  You may also wish to read about coolhome as published in Hewlett Packard's MPulse magazine.  Then, proceed to the home Web server via the 'to coolhome' button to the left.

Once you reach the home web page any further links will require a user name and password.   After that, pressing buttons will not control the home (sorry).

 Please enter guest for username and password.

Interesting links within coolhome include:


Weather -- From the home page.


Status -- From the home page shows the status of all controlled devices


Family Room, Theater, DTV -- Follow the three links to see how our Direct TV is controlled via the web.



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