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Now you can really utilize GPS and use the Map 110 large screen display to put yourself on the map.

Trimble removes the three biggest obstacles to VFR GPS moving map navigation for pilots: hard-to-read maps, hard to use controls, and hard-to-swallow obsolescence.

Easy to See - Our large, readable display has over 12 times the resolution of its most popular competitor. Airspace boundaries and airport names are easy to see. Our map shows up to 500 miles at a glance. No more guessing what those dots on the screen mean.
Easy to use controls - The buttons on our exclusive Touch Screen display give you direct and unambiguous access to features--even in turbulence. You get more heads up time. And with one touch, the buttons and navigational data are hidden, and the entire screen becomes your moving map.
This GPS Won't Be Obsolete Next Year - Update your database, update your features. The Trimble GPS Map 110 has both its Jeppesen database AND its operating software on one removable PC memory card. With our Unicard GPS update service, you'll be sure to have both the latest Jeppesen NavData and the newest, most powerful, convenient navigation features.

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