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bulletTrimble's large display area and unique updatable touch-screen control system make the yoke-mounted GPS MAP 110 the superior choice for inflight GPS Navigation.

bulletBetter clarity than any GA panel-mounted map or hand-held unit on the market
Over 12 times the resolution of its most popular competitor.
Trimble's large display features 320 x 256 pixels
Over 12 square inches of display area
bulletThis superior resolution equates to superior readability.
Airspace boundaries and airport names are easy to read.
The map shows up to 500 miles at a glance.
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bulletMap Features
bulletZoom Features:
bulletZoom Ranges from 1 nautical mile to 400 nautical miles
-- Corresponds to 500nm full screen top to bottom. (This is how our competition measures.)
Auto Zoom shows both the aircraft and the next waypoint automatically zooming in as you near the waypoint.
bulletNorth or track up display
Automatic screen de-clutter of information displayed
User customizable -- The user can selectively enable/disable based upon zoom range:
bulletAirports and Identifiers or
Only airports with runways longer than specified length
VORs and Identifiers, NDBs and Identifiers
Intersections and Identifiers
Class B and C Airspace, Controlled Airspaces and Names
bulletAll Screen Map Display
bulletWith single button push can turn whole display into a map.
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bullet"Direct To" key sets destination to anywhere in the database
Database Effective Date
Database Search Regions
bulletOver 50 search regions allowing the user to tailor what information may be retrieved from the database. By only selecting regions that the user flies in, data is retrieved more quickly and operator errors are reduced.
City Name and State
Facility Name
Radio Frequencies: ATIS, Approach, Tower, Ground, CTAF, Unicom
Field Elevation
Beacon at Field
Lighting Available
IFR Approach available
100LL (Low Lead) Fuel Available
All Runways Including:
bulletRunway Diagrams
Runway Number
Surface Type
Traffic Direction
bulletLatitude and Longitude
bulletVORs and NDBs
City Name and State
Facility Name
Radio Frequency
Morse Code
Latitude and Longitude
Geographical Region
Latitude and Longitude
bulletUser Waypoints
bulletUp to 250 user waypoints can be created as:
Latitude and Longitude
Present Position
Another Waypoint Plus Range and Bearing
One Button Save of up to 10 additional Waypoints
Waypoints may be copied and edited.
bulletNearest Waypoint:
bulletNearest 30 Airports, VORs, NDBs, Intersections and User Waypoints
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Flight Plan:

bullet20 Plans of 20 Waypoints Each
May be edited and reversed.
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bulletVertical Navigation Computer
bulletSignals begin and end of a descent or climb
Shows target altitude during the descent or climb
bulletFlight Planner Calculator
bulletComputes range, speed and times
bulletFuel Computer
bulletEstimates fuel required to reach destination
bulletFuel Timer
bulletReal time estimates of:
bulletFuel, Range and Time Remaining
Fuel, Range and Time Reserves at Arrival
Total Fuel Used
bulletPressure and Density Altitude Calculators
True Airspeed Computation
Winds Aloft Computer
Cross Winds for Landing Calculator

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Navigation Information:

bulletPrimary Navigation Display Shows:
bulletBearing, Distance and Time to Destination
Course Deviation Indicator
Ground Track and Ground Speed
bulletAdditional Displays For:
bulletCurrent Latitude, Longitude and GPS Altitude
Even/Odd Altitude Reminder
Minimum Safe Altitude and Minimum Enroute Safe Altitude
Estimated Time Enroute and Estimate Time of Arrival
Desired Track, Current Track and Cross Track Error
Range, Bearing and Distance to Second Waypoint
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Other Features:

bulletDate, Local and Zulu Time
GPS Receiver Battery Life Gauge
GPS Signal Status Including Displays of Satellite Positions and Signal Levels
Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) Scale Adjustment
Automatic or Manual Magnetic Variation Settings
ETA in Local or Zulu Time
Home Demonstration Mode

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bulletGeneral | Performance | Environmental | Technical | Physical | Remarks
bulletOperates on AA Batteries (included) or from 9-32 volts from aircraft power (with optional accessories). Database and features are on the UniCard (TM), a standard-format computer PC memory card (PCMCIA Type 2); initial database is for U.S. 48 states only; greater geographic regions will become available with updates. Updates are available via subscription or one time purchases.
The GPS MAP 110 system includes: the Casio Z-7000 personal computer, Locator GPS antenna, Yoke Mount, screen light, and UniCard (TM) PC memory card.
bulletGPS Performance Characteristics:
bulletGeneral: Tracks up to 8 satellites
Update Rate: 1 second (typical)
Time to first fix: Warm: 30 Seconds
Cold: Less than two minutes (typical)
Re-acquisition: Less than 2 seconds
Accuracy* (typical): Position: 15 meters (49 feet) RMS
Velocity: .1 m/s (0.1 knots) RMS
Dynamic Tracking: Velocity: 0-514 meters/second
(999 knots)
Acceleration: 4g
bulletEnvironmental Specifications (GPS Receiver):
bulletOperating temp: -10°C to +60°C (-14°F to 140°F)
Storage temp: -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Altitude: -400m to + 18,000m (45,720 ft)
Humidity: up to 95% non-condensing.
bulletTechnical Specifications:
bulletPower consumption:
bulletLocator GPS Antenna/Receiver: 4 AA batteries,
Typical 8-hour Battery Life or
Operates on 9-32 volts from aircraft power (optional ).
bulletCasio Z-7000 PDA:
bullet3 AA batteries, Typical 25-50 hour Battery Life.
Serial Interface: RS-232
Antenna type: Built in low-profile microstrip patch for glare shield mounting
bulletPhysical Characteristics:
bulletCasio Z-7000 PDA: Display measures 1"h x 4.25" w x 6.941"l
GPS Antenna/Receiver measures 1.67"h x 3.15"w x 5"l
bulletCasio Z-7000 PDA: Display weighs 15.2 oz. (o.43 kg)
GPS Antenna/Receiver Antenna weighs 12 oz. (0.34 kg)
bulletCasio Z-7000 PDA: 3.2" x 3.9"h, 256 x 320 pixels

bulletSpecifications are subject to change without notice.
One year warranty.
* All GPS receivers are subject to degradation of position and velocity accuracy under Department of Defense imposed S/A (Selective Availability). Position may be degraded up to 100 meters 2D RMS.
Trimble maintains a FaxBack database of information on GPS products and applications.
To learn how to use FaxBack or access the FaxBack database, please call 1-408-481-7704.
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